About Leeds Community Foundation

Leeds Community Foundation distributes vital grants and gives trusted advice to voluntary groups and charities across Leeds and Bradford to influence positive change. Driven by creating meaningful social impact for thousands of local people every year, Leeds Community Foundation distributed £4m in 2021/22. 

As the region’s largest independent funder, Leeds Community Foundation is the only organisation of its kind in Leeds and Bradford, working with hundreds of groups each year. The Foundation generates philanthropic giving and leverages statutory funding to deliver grants that address specific challenges. This opens up vulnerable and often marginalised communities to a wealth of opportunities including skills, education, culture and employment.

Our work goes beyond funding alone as it also provides resources that voluntary groups and charities would otherwise struggle to access. As an organisation focused on creating a fair and inclusive society, Leeds Community Foundation works alongside each group to address inequalities and create opportunities.

Leeds Community Foundation prides itself on building strong, trusted relationships across Leeds and Bradford with local groups, incredible supporters and regional leaders. This collaboration means the right investment is made available now, while building a brighter future for all.


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