About Lifebox Foundation

Registered as a nonprofit/charity in Ethiopia, the U.K. and USA, Lifebox works to make safe surgery a reality for patients throughout low- and middle-income countries. Our roots are in the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist which our founders authored and pioneered. 

Lifebox was established to ensure that colleagues working in low and middle-income countries would at minimum have access to the one piece of equipment the Checklist authors felt was indispensable for safe surgery and anesthesia – the pulse oximeter or oxygen monitor. Lifebox has successfully built its reputation through development and distribution of a low-cost, low-resource adapted pulse oximeter, and a methodology of engagement with anaesthesia professional societies that has resulted in significant impact on improving surgical safety in over 100 countries. 

Our 2018-21 Strategic Plan outlines our three focus areas 1) improving anaesthesia safety, 2) reducing surgical infection, and 3) supporting operating room teamwork.

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