About London Green Party

We are London's alternative party - campaigning to make the capital environmentally and socially sustainable for all.

We have two Green Assembly Members in City Hall – Sian Berry and Caroline Russell.

They were elected in May 2016, taking over from Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones who had both represented Londoners on the Assembly since the very first elections in 2000. The Green Party finished third at both previous elections (2016 and 2012), providing a strong base for the 2020 elections.

Sian and Caroline have recently won ballots for Londoners on estates whose homes face demolition, secured £45 million in funding for youth services after exposing the extent of the cuts across the city and persuaded the current Mayor to support a People’s Vote on Brexit in spite of his party’s dithering over the issue.

Other impressive Green gains on the London Assembly are forcing emergency plans for climate change and campaigning for rent control powers.

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