About London Playing Fields Foundation

We are the leading body for the provision, protection and promotion of playing fields in London.

Our vision is to create a happier, healthier, more cohesive London  by encouraging more people to play sport on affordable, accessible and attractive playing fields. We believe that playing fields are more than expanses of open space and are places where the lives of local people and particularly those from disadvantaged groups can be transformed and enriched.

Our mission is to provide a place to play sport forever. We have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise on playing fields over the last 130 years and we wish to put it to good effect by strengthening our strategic role as the first port of call on all playing fields issues in the capital.

We will work with key partners to ensure that there are robust protection measures in place to halt the loss of playing fields and to safeguard them for current and future generations. Whilst we cannot change the past and reclaim lost playing fields we can influence their future and ensure community playing fields are better used by local people.

We have four main audiences:

  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Clubs
  • Disadvantaged groups
  • Inactive people

In addition to providing pitches for organised sport, we deliver a number of innovative projects to extend our reach and ensure that use of our facilities has wider long lasting social and public health benefits.

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  • Fairlop Oak Playing Field
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