About London South Bank Students' Union

We are the recognised representative body of some 18,000 students studying at London South Bank University - one of the most diverse institutions in the country.

We believe that education has the power to change everything, and for students at South Bank their time studying will be one of the most transformative experiences of their lives. Helping them get on and get up, coming to university for them is all about improving their career prospects, opening doors to new opportunities and creating a better life for them and those they love. To be at their best, thrive and achieve these high expectations and ambitions they set for themselves, students at South Bank want an empowering and supportive educational environment that recognises them as individuals and helps them tear down the barriers and hurdles they face, whether on their course or their lives, through high challenge and high support.

To do this, following the mould of others, or ticking all the boxes of what makes up a ‘usual’ students’ union isn’t enough for us. We want to do something different - something unique and that is what we stand for; that every student at South Bank has the right to expect and access a radically engaging students’ union that can have a transformative impact on their study, their life, institution and communities. 

Our beliefs

  • We are rooted in students’ lives: understanding that education for employment is the reason students come to study at London South Bank and that every student and their journey is different.

  • We are a force of change: that supports each and every student to succeed through transformative support and opportunities that help students reach their full potential.

  • We are listening, learning and leading: valuing student voices, experiences and leadership so that everything we do is driven by impact, with students part of the design and delivery of all our work - with insight from research and participation.

  • We are radically personal: believing that an excellent students’ union at London South Bank is one that offers a tailored approach for individuals, communities and which supports success in every classroom and beyond.

  • We are reimagining everything: innovating what representation, participation, leadership and student opportunities mean in a 21st century university and society.

  • We are creating everyday opportunities: providing reimagined activities, interventions and tools for students in and outside of their study.

As a registered charity, our purpose is to offer practical and academic advice, guidance, opportunities and activities on a day to day basis for students and their communities at the university, as well as its partner colleges who operate as part of the London South Bank University Family. Responsible for overseeing a range of programmes related to students’ academic, social, cultural, sporting, recreational and personal development, as well as forums for discussion, debate and deliberation, with a turnover of over £1,000,000, the union employs a professional staff team to undertake its operations, led by a Chief Executive who is appointed by and accountable to the organisation’s Trustee Board. The union’s trustees are made up of a team encompassing its full-time student leadership, in the form of four Student Officers who are elected each year by the student body to provide political leadership and representation, as well as appointed external and elected student trustees. One of the union’s trustees is also appointed for their experience as an alumni of London South Bank University.

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