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MACS is the UK's only charity specifically supporting children and adults born with Microphthalmia (small underdeveloped eye/s), Anophthalmia (no eye/s) or Coloboma (cleft of the eye/s) and their families.

These are rare conditions and only around 80-90 children are born with a MACS condition in the UK every year.

Some people with a MACS condition are blind, others have a degree of light perception, and some may be blind in one eye with some, or even good, sight in the other eye. The conditions develop during pregnancy and are often associated with other congenital (present at birth) disorders such as endocrine or heart problems. Some people with a MACS condition also have learning and developmental difficulties and behavioural problems.

We don't yet know exactly why MACS conditions occur, but they are likely due to a disruption in the sequence of developmental steps that take place when the eye is forming during pregnancy. This could be as a result of an error within specific genes affecting eye development and increasingly, more genes are being identified as important in the development of these conditions.

Sadly, there is no treatment that will restore vision in children affected by Anophthalmia or severe Microphthalmia. All MACS children need to undergo repeated hospital visits and many have prosthetic eyes to ensure that the bone and soft tissue around the eye socket grows properly and to improve appearance.

MACS supports people affected by these rare conditions to connect with each other and we provide access to emotional and practical support, grants, and regional activities.

Our vision is of a world where all people affected by MACS conditions enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else. Our mission is to become the leading authority on MACS conditions and to provide comfort and support to people impacted by them. 

Our core values which underpin everything that we do are:

  • Offering acceptance
  • Iinspiring trust;
  • Giving support and;
  • Providing opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about MACS or MAC conditions, please visit our website or get in touch.

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