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Made In Hackney deliver fun, supportive, and life changing courses in healthy cooking and food growing designed to enhance health and wellbeing of London residents.

We work with local charities, community organisations, mental health groups, housing associations and various other support groups to ensure our classes are offered to people most in need such as low income families, children in care, teen carers, young people excluded from school, parents and children, adults on rehabilitation programs, people suffering from diet related health problems and other groups.

Our teachers help learners develop the practical skills to feed themselves and their family as healthily and ethically as their budget allows. Classes also incorporate discussions about reducing waste, eating seasonally, buying local, understanding certifications, reading food labels and how food choices can help tackle global issues such as climate change, global inequality and diet-related mental and physical ill health - and how this relates to improving the local environment in Hackney.

As well as the cookery programmes we run we take our programme into schools, housing estates, community centres and anywhere else with people with a desire to learn how to cook delicious healthy food that’s good for people and planet.

Our Food Policy is plant based, local, seasonal and organic.


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