About Making Space

What we do

We are a national charity and leading provider of health and social care services.

We have been helping adults with care and support needs, and their carers, to lead independent and fulfilling lives for more than 35 years.

Our high quality, person-centred services and accommodation support adults of all ages who are living with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, dementia and older people with age-related concerns.

With a united and compassionate workforce of close to 1000 employees and over 400 volunteers, we have been able to support over 11,000 individuals in the past year.

Our way of working

At Making Space, everything we do is done with dignity, respect and compassion for both the people using our services and their families.

Our services are personalised and flexible to help the people who use them to lead fulfilling lives and reach their own personal goals and ambitions. Our staff and services adapt easily to meet the changing needs of every individual and deliver positive outcomes for all.

All our employees take pride in being innovative, approachable and continuously strive to improve. We listen closely to what our service users, employees and stakeholders are saying and aim to implement their suggestions and ideas to ensure our services are specifically tailored. We are creating a user-friendly culture for the caring profession.

Who you'll work with

We know that providing high quality health and social care services is underpinned by employing passionate, skilled and caring individuals.

That’s why we aim to nurture a working environment that will attract, inspire, train and retain the very best people in our sector.

Our Board of Trustees provides the robust and vibrant governance required to ensure we remain focused on our strategic objectives, operate effectively and achieve our ambitions to grow.

Our CEO and Executive Management Team work closely with the Board to inspire, set and maintain the charity’s vision and values, as well as develop our strategy and ensure compliance and accountability.

Service managers, support workers, team leaders, carers, nurses and volunteers are led by our service directors and area managers to deliver services with integrity and openness. Every employee is encouraged to be innovative and creative in providing personalised packages of care and support, tailored to each individual.

Operational employees are supported with a fantastic hub of business support, development, marketing, finance and HR professionals, who provide around-the-clock assistance and training, so that we can be confident in the level of care and support we provide across all of our services.

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