About London Development Trust

About London Development Trust

London Development Trust is a London based community organisation. We aim to empower and support residents in the areas in which we work through our community led projects. 

We currently manage the Redmond Community Centre, Acton Gardens Community Centre, Finspace, and Woodberry Blooms, providing space, collaborating with local organisations and residents to deliver community services. 

We believe our approach can bring value to other London communities. Therefore, we are replicating and expanding our work beyond our current areas and are influencing decision-makers to adopt our approach. We are now looking to recruit an experienced Communications Specialist with a successful track record in advertising and marketing to help to showcase our valuable work, take our vision to the next level and secure our long-term future through engaging new audiences.

Mission Statement 

LDT provides the strategic means by which the community and those who seek to improve it can make change which is mutually beneficial and sustainable. The primary function of LDT is to connect organisations; empower the local community; make available space; influence the powerful. 

Our approach ensures those in the community have the capacity to determine how their community can change for the better. For the voluntary, private and public sectors this means: costs savings; value for money; community support; increased social impact. LDT has summarised how it will achieve its vision under these 5 keystones

1. Connecting the Dots – Too many organisations with similar objectives, whether from the public, private and voluntary sectors, work in isolation. LDT provides the practical means by which partners can easily work together for mutual benefit. As well as this LDT provides the mechanism for delivery for organisation wishing to implement the Social Value and Localism Acts. 

This is done by: 

  • Using our experience and track record to lead or participate in collaborative funding bids 
  • Leading local collective committees 
  • Using our established network to create new partnering opportunities for local organisations 
  • Using our extensive networks to ensure that projects reach their intended participants and beneficiaries. 

2. Empowering the Community – Our primary function is not to ‘do’ community development, but to enable individuals and groups to take ownership of their future. We do this by: 

  • directly providing expertise, training, resources and finance to local people and community groups; 
  • ensuring this approach is embedded in the exit strategy of local initiatives. 

3. Creating the Space – Safe, accessible space is a key element in the successful delivery of our objectives. Not only does LDT own and manage space, we also seek to influence others in providing spaces in a way which is open, transparent and with clear and measurable community benefit. 

4. Influencing the Powerful – LDT uses evidence-based research and practical examples from the myriad of projects delivered under our umbrella to influence those who make policy and plans which affect our community. 

5. Organisational Independence; Excellence and Sustainability – LDT recognises the fast changing nature of the political and economic situation both locally and nationally. We have ensured that this is built into the Business Plan to provide our Senior Management and Board with a flexible tool to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that we face. 

Core Values 

To help us achieve our mission, we embrace the following core values within the organisation: 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Sustainability 
  • Collaboration 
  • Holistic working 
  • Evidence Based projects 
  • Good governance 
  • Innovation 
  • Impact Measurement
  • Sharing learning 
  • Accountability

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