About Maudsley Charity

Who we are

The Maudsley Charity works in partnership with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London to promote positive change in the world of mental health. We support innovation, research and service improvement, working with patients and families, clinical care teams, researchers and community organisations with a common goal of improving mental health.

We support innovation, research and service improvement, raise public awareness and understanding. We invest in and promote projects and research that make a tangible difference to the treatment and care of mental health service users.

Our mission

Henry Maudsley believed that by bringing together clinicians, researchers and educators, our ability to understand and treat mental illness could be transformed. We represent a modern version of that vision in charitable form.

We fund and support the collaboration of experts – clinicians, researchers and people who have lived experience of mental illness – to make a positive impact in mental health.

How we operate

We give grants, funded from our endowment and donations, which range from multi-million pound clinical and research initiatives intended to drive change across the UK, to small scale projects supporting people who experience mental illness in south London.

We balance short and long-term goals. We want to make an immediate difference to lives and fund ideas which will have an impact on future generations.

Our strategy

By 2024 we will have...

1 - Help create a world-leading centre of care and research into the prevention and treatment of mental illness in children and young people

2 - Funded initiatives through our current grant and wider programme of work, which are achieving significant impact in mental health in South London and beyond. They will be delivered by teams who share our commitment to collaboration and learning and ORTUS, the home of the Charity, will be an important asset in this work.

3 - Through partnerships, fundraising and communication we will build a wide community of support, and increase our level of recognition and engagement from patients, staff, our local communities and beyond. We will achieve a significant increase in our fundraised income enabling us to leverage more impact in mental health.

4 - Continue to build a robust and sustainable charity, with the infrastructure, people and resources, to increase our contribution to improved mental health in the long term. 

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