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Mosac Vision: All families of children who have been sexually abused receive the help that they need to move on positively with their lives 

Mosac Mission: To provide support in a safe and non-judgemental environment for protective parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused.

Mosac has been delivering unique support services for the protective parents and families of victims of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) for over 25 years. In a safe environment, we offer free services to families affected by CSA, all of whom are vulnerable with some being excluded, or facing other forms of hardship.   We enable families to achieve and sustain an improved quality of life by rebuilding confidence, alleviating isolation, improving well-being and resilience, promoting inclusion and empowering individuals to move on with their lives, with the skills and knowledge to safeguard themselves and their children in the future. Mosac’s services include a national Helpline, Counselling, Play Therapy, Advocacy & Advice, Training and Email support services. Some client feedback from the last 12 months is below:

“The specialised counselling that Mosac provided came at a time I was broken. The space provided for me is priceless and I will forever be grateful that Mosac was there at my darkest moments” 

‘Since our son was sexually abused we have struggled to cope and to understand the complexities of the legal process relevant to our case. Your (Advocacy) advice has allowed us to gain a clear understanding of our options. …Having MOSAC's help means that we no longer feel unsupported in facing the difficult circumstances we have been forced to deal with.’

‘I have noticed significant change in my daughter, she is much more confident and her self-esteem is at an all time high. It has helped my child in such a positive way, she has felt secure and her attitude to life has totally changed. Within 6 months of play therapy, it has changed our lives.’

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