About Mosaic Middle East (FRRME)

Mosaic Middle East (working name of FRRME) promotes conflict resolution and reconciliation in the Middle East, specialising in conflicts where there is a religious component to the violence. We also provide humanitarian relief and economic rejuvenation in areas where conflict has caused poverty and hardship, bringing hope, help and healing through our livelihood and empowerment programmes. Mosaic strives for interfaith reconciliation in the Middle East & provides emergency relief to those in need, regardless of sectarian division and is operational in Iraq (Kurdistan and Baghdad) and Jordan.


Mosaic Middle East (FRRME) is a non-profit organisation registered as a charity in the United Kingdom (Registration number 1133576). 


VISION: Our work promotes hope and forgiveness, to counter prevailing attitudes of bitterness and retaliation, and break the cycle of hate begetting hate. We're guided by these core principles:


Our ambition: Bringing Hope, Help and Healing in the Middle East

Our focus is on vulnerable and persecuted minorities.

Our motivation is Christian compassion.

Our objective is to strengthen and empower those in need.



Reconciliation, Humanitarian Relief & Aid, Medical Services, Education, Community Support, Child Care, Peace Keeping, Church Services, Community Development, and Inter-Cultural Relationships


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