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Muslim Aid is a British, faith-based international development organisation that provides support to communities around the world affected by disasters, conflict or endemic poverty without regard to their social, religious or ethnic background.

Established in 1985, Muslim Aid has facilitated the engagement of the British Muslim Community in support of its work in a variety of ways. This includes support to responses to major crises around the world including, most recently, the famine in East Africa, the Tsunami in South East Asia, the Earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan and the conflicts in Gaza, Syria and Yemen. In addition to our humanitarian programmes, Muslim Aid is supported to tackle deep-rooted causes of endemic poverty by developing sustainable long-term development programmes in our key programme areas of education, health and livelihoods.

Closer to home, Muslim Aid has also actively supported a range of community development initiatives tin areas such as homelessness, food drives and working with marginalised young people. In was also one of the first responders to the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Currently, Muslim Aid works in 30 countries and has 13 country offices around the world, made up almost exclusively of national staff. Muslim Aid undertakes a mix of operational projects by working through national and local partner organisations.

Funding for its work is derived through a mix of channels and global income is in the region of £30million annually. In recent years, our fundraising capability has been enhanced by establishing offices in Sweden and the USA.


The ethos of Muslim Aid is rooted in the teachings of Islam, in the belief that providing relief and aid to others is central to one’s humanity. It is our belief that those in need of support around the world have an inalienable right to those blessed with means and resources and that this support should be extended to them as a matter of obligation not just as a favour or an act of charity. Muslim Aid enables Muslims to fulfil this obligation.

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