About National Ugly Mugs (charity)

National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is an award winning charity with a mission to ‘end violence against sex workers’.  NUM provides a mechanism for sex industry workers to report crimes they experience and share this information within their communities to warn others to potentially dangerous individuals and situations.  We have a case work team that supports sex workers to further access criminal justice remedies and other services as determined by these victims to cope and recover from crimes they experience. We receive between 60-80 reports of crime per month, or 2-3 per day on average. We have a Research & Development team of industry experts that inform our work and we provide safety information to sex industry workers allowing them to make informed decision about their safety and choices about their work. In our mission to end violence against sex workers we use the data and knowledge from sex workers towards education programs and political advocacy to both skill-up services and police forces to be more sensitive and responsive to the needs of sex workers and to change the conditions that cause or promote harm to this population.  Through this work we support the full decriminalization of sex work to promote the safety and rights of sex industry workers.

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