About National Zakat Foundation

NZF helps Muslims bring Zakat to life, right here in the UK. Our online network enables individual Zakat payers to give to Muslims in need nationwide. Through NZF, Zakat givers support people to get their lives back on track and unlock the potential of those held back by their finances. NZF makes it simple for Zakat givers to calculate the Zakat they owe and for people to apply for and receive help.  This brings Muslims together and creates a thriving, closer community.

But there is so much more to be done. NZF is seeking to develop an experience for Zakat givers and for Zakat recipients which is increasingly simple, transparent, effective and scalable. The National Zakat Foundation is ambitious and visionary, with the potential to enable many more Zakat givers in the UK support many more Muslims in need across the country.

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