The New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) is a not-for-profit company with 15 staff. We also work with a range of contractors and Associates and incubate other organisations. We are a network of over 1,600 UK organisers from different trade unions, grassroots groups, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), faith-based campaigns, civil society groups and movements from across the country. We support campaigns to help progressives win social, economic and environmental justice.

We run trainings, share skills and coordinate together on campaigns helping people to lead movements like Just Treatment (organising patients to fight for the NHS) through to working with our members to get over 2,500 media bookings across the UK’s biggest TV/radio outlets. We’re ambitious and the team is agile, fast paced and committed to actually changing things. 


To build the power of movements for social and economic justice we organise our work around three goals:

  • Connect We want to bring together people who aren’t usually in the same room, working across many different issues and from many different struggles because together there is strength. In particular, we want to build the power of campaigners and organisers from groups most often affected by injustice to help change the leadership of our movements
  • Focus is about how we support our members’ work to transform our social and economic systems through prioritising key battles. Our aim is to help members work together to win bigger change on key battleground issues, such as health and precarious work
  • Build means supporting the development of key institutions that underpin the wider progressive movement. The range and diversity of groups needed is wide - from campaign groups to policy or training institutes. We help our members develop excellent institutions and structures that support.

To build a culture and community that lasts, we organise around three values:

  • Solidarity - we’re here to change the system and that requires working together across issues and sectors that aren’t normally in the same room. This means placing anti-oppression at the heart of our work and building the power of people most often affected by injustice to change the leadership of our movements
  • Generosity is about sharing our time, resources and learning with one another as we support each other’s work. It means being open and honest with one another, especially when we hit problems, and thinking creatively about how we positively build from there
  • Respect is the bottom line for all relationships in NEON. It means being respectful of different backgrounds and life experiences and giving space for 5 all voices to be heard. This often means listening more than we talk and being open to changing ourselves as a result of what we hear. 

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