About Netherton Feelgood Factory

The Netherton Feelgood Factory was founded in 1999 and moved into a new purpose-built centre in 2004.  Since then we have worked in more deprived Sefton neighbourhoods to improve lives and promote health. The organisation uses a community development approach to enable local people to improve their health, well being and quality of life. The Feelgood Factory objectives are to reduce health inequalities by:

  • Improving access to services and information,
  • Developing and providing activities and services to encourage healthier lifestyles, improve health and wellbeing and prevent illness,
  • Developing initiatives to meet local needs.

From a small organisation, the Feelgood Factory has developed to a medium-sized charity operating throughout Sefton but with a concentration in the more deprived areas of the south of the borough. We provide services for all sections of the community according to need. Currently we provide the following:

  • Individual health and wellbeing support for individuals in Sefton
  • Mental health support and workshops to promote coping strategies
  • Food and nutrition training
  • Programmes for older people and the socially isolated.
  • Practical community services.

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  • Feelgood Learning
  • Good Afternoon Social
  • Outdoor Pilates
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