About Nova New Opportunities

Nova New Opportunities has a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, who share the same belief in creating a non-judgmental and positive atmosphere.

Reaching over 2,500 people each year, we aim to:

  • Develop knowledge, education and confidence
  • Connect diverse groups
  • Provide opportunities

  • Offer practical and responsive support

We achieve our aims through 5 interconnected programmes:

  • Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)
  • Adult Community Education
  • Volunteer Placements 
  • Family Programme
  • Social Change Initiatives

Our work is based on the 3 pillars of social cohesion: Social mobility: equality of opportunity to get ahead; Social inclusion: the degree to which citizens can participate on an equal footing; Social capital: resources that result from cooperation for a common end

We are vibrant, optimistic and hopeful. We believe that people have more in common than they realize and that everyone has something to offer. When we work together, we can build a just, sustainable, inclusive and cohesive world.

Our work operates on 2 levels:

  • Grassroots Community Support – including responsive actions (e.g. Grenfell, COVID-19), education, IAG, family programme and volunteering
  • Dialogue Events and Influencing – focussing on challenging stigma, prejudice and inequality – working with individuals, organisations, networks and decision makers to move through conversation to action

Nova’s values are that we see potential in everyone, we aspire to be professional, encouraging and inclusive at all times.  We believe that integrity must be the cornerstone of everything we do. Our values are expressed through our ethos and include:

  • Connection, inclusion, integrity, openness, optimism

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