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Now Teach recruits and supports experienced career changers into challenging secondary schools in London, the West Midlands, East Anglia and Hastings. Trainees work a compressed timetable of 4 days per week. We particularly welcome applications from future maths and science teachers.

Our dedicated team help you navigate the complex world of teacher training. We:
- Help you decide if this is the right step, and guide you to choose the best route and subject for you
- Place you with a school as close as possible to where you live (less than a 45-minute commute)
- Arrange for you to do school experience before you start
- Support you to get up to speed with your subject knowledge if it’s rusty

Our Mission

'What do you want to be when you grow up?' We probably all remember being asked this when we were children.

It's a reasonable question but it implies two things. It suggests that we reach a point when we have 'grown up' and that once we get there our careers are suddenly secure, stable and fulfilling.

However Now Teach is based on the idea that this is an outdated view of the way our lives pan out. We are all living longer. We all know the problems of an ageing population, but we forget to tell ourselves the good news: we are astonishingly lucky in that we can expect so many more years of life than our ancestors.

A whole new generation has silently appeared. They are not young, but they are most certainly not old. We want these people to embrace the idea that after decades in one line of work, it is desirable to retrain. We want to bring their skills and experience to those who could most benefit from them. 

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