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Number Champions was founded in 2018 to tackle the problem of innumeracy where it starts, in primary schools. Helping children overcome "the maths barrier" can have a positive effect on their engagement with education as a whole,

Our trained volunteers run one-to-one sessions with year-2 and year-3 children (ages six to eight) in state primary schools who are behind in maths.  The volunteers use games and other creative activities to hep children gain enjoyment and confidence in maths, and in doing so to learn and practise their skills.  This should carry over to a more positive attitude to classroom learning, enhancing their educational and life chances.

We have had excellent evaluations from class teachers on the progress of the children we worked with.

In school year 2021-22 we are partenering with 25 schools in North and Central London and our 81 In-school Volunteers are supporting nearly 250 children.

We are ambitious to grow to a scale where we impact maths education at a national level.  Our target for school year 2022-23 is to be supporting 350 children in 35 schools.  To our knowledge, we are the first and only charity with a systematic programme to support primary school maths learning in this way.

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