About NWR

NWR is an organisation for all women and NWR membership is to be enjoyed!

Our style is informal and relaxed. Local group meetings are held mostly in members’ homes, and all NWR events offer conversation, friendship and fun.

Our lively minded members are interested in everything and talk about anything.

NWR operates a network of local groups across Great Britain. Some groups were founded at NWR’s first inception (as the National Housewives Register back in 1960), while some groups were set up much more recently, and new local groups are always welcome.

You can choose to join NWR affiliated to a local group, as an independent member not assigned to any one local group, or you can join NWR to set up a new local group.

Members affiliated to a local group participate in their group’s programme of events and activities. All NWR members can participate in NWR’s national programme of events and activities either with their group or as individual members.

We are:
Welcoming and friendly
Interested in all issues

We are not:
A pressure group

We do not:

NWR (National Women’s Register (NWR)): connecting women for friendship, stimulating discussion, and fun

NWR exists to enhance, build and support communities by providing forums for women to connect and share ideas, locally, regionally and nationally in a friendly and welcoming environment

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