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The Parasol Project is a small, Oxford based, inclusion charity.

For over 25 years Parasol have been providing age appropriate, inclusive activities for disabled & non-disabled children and young people from Oxfordshire.

Our activities - Children and Youth Services provision: includes a variety of indoor/outdoor education and learning activities such as play, arts/crafts, residentials, adventure sports (like canoeing), music, film, bushcraft, healthy eating, growing food, cooking and gardening projects. Most activities happen during school holidays except for the after school club, the dance group and the youth club. Around 60% of the programme is delivered at our base and other activities (dance, canoeing, trips, youth in-days, adventure sports and residentials) happen further afield. 

Our outreach support: Parasol also provide outreach support for 'inclusion' of disabled children into play schemes locally and further afield. Our activities can include providing training and support and/or send out Parasol enablers to those organisations to deliver the support directly. Over the years, Parasol has outreached into some of the most deprived areas of Oxford including Blackbird Leys, Littlemore, Cutteslowe and regularly partners and supports South Oxford Adventure Playground (SOAP). 

Our advocacy and lobbying: Parasol proactively advocates and lobbies for disabled children's rights in Oxfordshire. 

Our youth volunteering programme: In 1998, Parasol developed a youth volunteering programme for young people beneficiaries. Disabled people rarely get the opportunity to mix with their non-disabled peers and are rarely given responsibility of volunteering as a result of fear (resulting from lack of information / experience) that many have. We provide between 20 and 40 volunteering places each year via our five-tier programme for 10-25 year olds. We believe that being part of a team provides vital work experience and increases young people's a sense of responsibility, well­being and belonging. This in time, brings increasing confidence and self-belief in their abilities. 

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