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Every hour two people are told that they have Parkinson's. There is currently no cure for this progressive neurological condition which has a huge impact on you both physically and mentally. It causes tremors, stiffness of limbs and trunk, pain, impaired balance and coordination, depression and anxiety, changes in memory and thinking and so much more.

Parkinson's Care and Support UK are the UK's number 1 charity focusing on natural remedies, alternative therapies and non-pharmaceutical research to prevent, slow down, reverse and cure Parkinson's. We carry out work on the grounds with people with Parkinson's and their family carers so that they can live their best life with the condition. Throughout the UK we provide free specialist Parkinson's exercise classes, free home-based physiotherapy, free respite care for carers of those living with Parkinson's and social and sensory excursions. We also fund non-pharmaceutical research to help us to better understand the condition and find new ways of treating it.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson's changes one’s life. Our charity provides an alternative to medications which have been used for decades with terrible side-effects. This is particularly important to younger people with Parkinson's who may experience more side effects from medications and who often have young children and demanding careers.

Tomorrow is guaranteed for no man, so we improve the lives of all those affected by Parkinson's today.

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