About Paul's Cancer Support Centre

Paul's Cancer Support Centre was founded in 1983 in Battersea, South West London and named after one of our wonderful and inspirational clients, Paul d"Auria.

We support anyone affected by cancer, regardless of diagnosis or stage and our support is entirely personalised and focused on the individual.

We have a new vision and mission:

Our Vision

Supporting people affected by cancer in our community and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide holistic, individual and compassionate cancer support to anyone in our community who needs it and to increase our reach to benefit as many people as possible.

Our Values

•  Our services are responsive to the individual.

•  We provide high quality care delivered by people with professional knowledge and expertise.

•  We provide a friendly and safe environment where our service users feel supported.

•  We are flexible and innovative in developing new responsive services.

•  We build partnerships that allow us to provide a seamless service to our clients.

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