About PCHA

Our Vision

We are a community-based housing association that is passionate about enhancing the lives of our residents by providing excellent homes and services.  We are proud of our strong community roots and strive to make a positive impact in all that we do. 

Our Values

Acting with Integrity

-         We communicate in an open, honest and transparent way

-         We do what we say we will and keep our promises

-         We are accountable for our decisions and take responsibility for our mistakes

Being Ambitious

-         We are ambitious for the future of PCHA, seeking to deliver a broader range of services to       more people in our community

-         We are prepared to take appropriate risks to drive improvement and growth

-         We are creative, forward thinking and open to new ideas

-         We embrace change and respond positively to new opportunities

Striving for Excellence

-         We provide homes and communities we can all be proud of

-         We are people focussed and aim to tailor our approach to the needs of individuals

-         We strive to be proactive, solution orientated and go the extra mile 

-         We work collaboratively and build positive partnerships

-         We continually challenge ourselves to improve our performance

-         We seek to make sound business decisions and be well governed and managed

Behaving with Respect

-         We behave in a fair-minded and non-judgemental way

-         We value the individuality and diversity of our residents and communities

-         We are inclusive in the way we work

…Making a positive impact

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