About Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association is working to radically and positively change the way we live in the UK and actively supports a worldwide movement. We're helping educate, network, support and redesign all aspects of our daily lives to transform ourselves, our communities and our landscapes. 

Our board of trustees is elected from the membership and guides our work. Voluntary working groups lead development, supported and enacted by our staff team. We employ 17 people part-time, most of whom work from home across the UK, and some based at our office in Leeds. We work online and use many tools to enable us to collaborate and stay connected.

Permaculture inspired thinking and action can help us to respond well to the huge challenges facing humanity. Report after report is validating the pioneering work that permaculture has been doing since the mid 1970s.


A healthy and peaceful world, where we care for each other, the earth and future generations, share resources wisely and continue to heal and regenerate communities and ecosystems.


To build a network of systems thinkers with the power to create healthy cultures and ecosystems.


1. Make permaculture accessible
2. Accelerate learning about permaculture
3. Grow permaculture networks
4. Share and develop permaculture practice
5. Work with others to tackle key challenges
6. Build a smart, effective, socially responsible and sustainable organisation.

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