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Working in some of the poorest and most marginalised communities of India, Nepal and Zambia, we support children with extraordinary potential to become future leaders and change-makers, providing the education, skills and motivation they need to bring about social change.

Our local teams work with local families and communities to select the best and brightest students - around 10 years old, at least two girls for each boy, and all from underprivileged backgrounds - to enter our African and Asian Villages.

Our work is inspired by Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, a Swiss social reformer and educator. Pestalozzi believed that education is not just about knowledge. It should instead develop children’s Head, Heart and Hands - in other words, their minds, their character and their practical life skills. 

For this reason, the children we nurture though our programmes not only receive excellent classroom education (the Head). They also learn how to care for themselves and others, being required to volunteer locally (The Heart) and to develop practical life skills beyond the classroom (the Hands).

Aged 18 our children leave us equipped to access university or college independently. Many of our alumni are still young adults but 69% of our alumni are already in careers of public service such as teaching or healthcare, have volunteered to help their communities, or support their families financially. Many more are contributing back to society through entrepreneurial and business activities.

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