Platform London

Platform works towards a just future beyond fossil fuels.

Company size Size: 11 - 20
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About us

Who we are

Platform works towards a just future beyond fossil fuels, by uplifting marginalised voices, building energy and food democracy, and working toward a just transition. Platform brings together researchers, organisers, educators, environmentalists, artists, and community activists. For almost four decades, Platform has led the way developing policies and practices which are effective, caring, just and democratic - such as our social justice waging system and ground-breaking parental leave policy.


How we work

Trustees - as a charity we have a Board of Trustees who are supportive and legally responsible for the organisation.

Management group - we do not have a Director; instead we have a rotating subgroup of staff who have oversight of the running of the organisation to ensure that HR, finance, fundraising and strategy are carried out properly and that the projects deliver on their promised outputs. 

Core staff - currently, the staff are split between project workers and ‘core staff’. Currently there are 3 core staff who lead on finance and communications. 

Projects - we currently have 10 project staff who run 7 projects. This is sometimes supplemented by fixed-term or contracted staff. All permanent project staff are required to participate in ‘core’ activities totalling an average of 1-1.5 days per week.

Consensus - we make collective decisions through consensus at different meeting spaces, both online and in person.

Our culture and values

Platform’s goals for the next five years are:

  1. Embolden impacted communities to lead a just transition across our energy and food systems. 

  2. Harness the power of arts and culture to build solidarity, imagine alternatives to injustice and inspire social transformation 

  3. Interrupt the flow of money, power and political influence to fossil fuel companies, and build support for public investment, community ownership and democratic control of sustainable alternatives. 

  4. Develop ways of working that centre compassion, care and liberation

  5. Collectively create and implement an internal structure that holds us accountable to our principles as a flat structured organisation and meets our capacity needs.



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