About Polish Psychologists' Association

Polish Psychologists’ Association’s mission is to provide free psychological support to the Polish speaking community in the UK and it manages all initiatives on the basis of unpaid, voluntary work of its members.

PPA promotes tolerance and respect for other cultures by raising awareness of equality & diversity issues to help the integration of Polish immigrants into the diverse community in the UK.

Polish Psychologists’ Association aims to:

1. Provide professional psychological support to Polish community in the UK in the following areas: 2. Benefit Polish community in the UK by providing them with a range of psychological support such as individual psychological consultations, career guidance, phone consultations, mentoring programme, workshops and conferences.

3. Enable the Charity members to help Polish professionals in the UK - the Charity provides support and a networking platform to its members who are psychology practitioners living and working in the UK. One of the aims of The Polish Psychologists' Association is to enable the Polish psychologists living in the UK to get access to the information necessary to develop their careers and receive support in terms of pursuing their professional development outside their home country.

4. Provide professionals with a forum for dialog and exchange of information and a common platform where the experiences can be exchanged and opinions about the profession can be voiced.

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