About Population Matters

Population Matters is a UK-based charity working globally to achieve a sustainable future for people and planet. 

Our Vision is a future in which a stable human population co-exists in harmony with nature and prospers on a healthy planet, to the benefit of all.

Our Mission is to drive positive, large-scale action through fostering choices that help achieve a sustainable human population and regenerate our environment. 

Our Approach is to campaign, inform, undertake research and do all we can to encourage an open, fair-minded and constructive debate about population. We aim to ensure people and policymakers understand the vital importance of addressing population and unsustainable consumption together, and to generate policy changes which empower people to take positive action wherever they live.

  • We promote positive, practical, ethical solutions – encouraging smaller families, inspiring people to consume sustainably, with the aim of enabling everyone to enjoy a decent quality of life whilst respecting and sustaining the natural ecosystems upon which all life on earth depends.
  • We empower informed choice. In a world of finite resources our reproductive and consumption choices are critical for achieving that vision of humanity in harmony with nature, prospering on a healthy planet.
  • We believe everyone should have the freedom and ability to choose a smaller family. 
  • We emphatically and proudly support human rights, women’s empowerment and global justice.

Population Matters benefits from the support of an impressive range of Patrons and Advisors, who include: Sir David Attenborough, Dr Aminu-Kano, Dame Jane Goodall, Judy Ling-Wong, Chris Packham, Jonathon Porritt and Professor Peter Wadhams.

Population Matters - Every Choice Counts



Following a review and refresh of strategy over the past two years we have succeeded in

  • raising informed and positive public debate on the issue of population,
  • building-up a core operational team focused on delivering that strategy, and
  • developing excellent working relationships with partner organisations globally.

Population Matters is growing and we now want to add to our committed team by recruiting for four exciting new roles; Fundraising Manager, Senior Campaigner, Campaigner and Finance and administrative Officer.  Our new recruits will complement our existing team, add value and help us meet our key goals - more action and influence, greater income, and a more efficient and effective organisation.

We have a positive story to tell, an array of untapped assets, and the potential to reach a much greater number of people with our messages and solutions – we know this from the regular letters, emails and texts we receive saying, ’I wish I’d known you existed earlier!’

Our ambition is ‘Take Population Matters Global’ over the next 3-5 years extending our reach and impact globally, strengthening existing and forging additional partnerships with like-minded bodies, and influencing and effecting change through international policy forums and processes.  In parallel, we will continue to enable individuals and communities to make informed choices at the personal and grassroots level.

Search "Our team" and "What we want" on our website to learn more about our people and our values, and look at our social media to find out what's happening right now.

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