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Positive Money is a research and campaigning organisation that seeks to reform the money and banking system in order to support a fair, democratic, and sustainable economy. We were founded in 2010 as a civil society response to the 2008 global financial crisis. Money and banking has implications for many of the social, economic, and environmental problems we face today yet remains poorly understood and insufficiently covered in public debate. We are a non-profit company limited by guarantee.

We rely on a team of skilled and dedicated staff, supported by a board of directors.

We also helped launch the International Movement for Monetary Reform, so we coordinate with partners around the world. And we set up the QE for people in the Eurozone campaign, which has now become a new branch of the organisation in Brussels  - Positive Money Europe

Our Advisory Panel includes economics professors, authors, entrepreneurs and people from the financial industry who know that something needs to change.

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