About Possible

Inspiring everyone to take action on climate change.

We’re on a mission to speed up action on climate change.

We know that the speed and scale we’ll need to work at means it will touch everyone’s lives. If we’re going to move at the speed required - and if we’re going to ensure the new world we build is a fair one - people and communities have to be involved.

Whether it’s our world-leading Solar Schools campaign, research to build solar powered railways, or fighting the ban on onshore wind, everything we do is about inspiring more people to take more action on climate change.

As an organisation we’re committed to our culture. Organisational culture away days keep our values and principles alive and we work together to keep our team as supported, empowered and cared for as possible. In addition we operate with a flat management team (instead of a CEO) and try to reduce hierarchy wherever we can.

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  • Pinwheels campaign to support onshore wind
  • Solar Schools
  • Tree planting
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