About Project Girl Foundation

Project Girl Foundation is a new not-for-profit organisation registered in England and Wales.  The organisation was founded due to the rising amounts of out-of-school girls in education, coupled with the failing state of the education system and the lack of appropriate provisions for girls to be educated and provide for their families in Nigeria. 


The focus of Project Girl Foundation is to empower girls through education.In order to this, the following programmes and services will be implemented: 

  • Build schools for out-of-school girls in rural Nigeria. 

  • Educate out-of-school girls in rural Nigeria. 

  • Provide effective sexual health and family planning education to girls. 

  • Implement functional literacy programmes for local communities in rural Nigeria. 

  • Teach girls a trade so that they are able to support themselves and their families. 

  • Continuous professional development for teachers and teaching support staff. 


To transform girls’ education in Nigeria and educate the society the impact girls’ education and effective family planning will have on families and future generations. 


To educate and empower girls and local communities in rural Nigeria. We also aim to close the gender gap in education between males and females in rural areas of Nigeria.


  • RESPECT: We respect ourselves, our colleagues, our partners in the work that they do. 

  • INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in the highest form of honesty and persistently have the best interests of the children we work for in the forefront of our minds. 

  • AMBITION: We set high goals for ourselves and continue to strive to achieve more. 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We take personal ownership of what goes well and what goes wrong and do everything in our power to achieve more for our colleagues, our partners and our children. 

  • CREATIVITY: We are continuously learning from each other, open to change and eagerly embrace new ideas. 

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