About Prostate Cancer Research

It is only through research that we can build a future in which no family will have to fear losing a loved one to prostate cancer. But here at Prostate Cancer Research we’re not just working to add years to life; we’re also about adding life to years. Prostate cancer and the way it is currently treated brings physical and emotional side effects for the patient, their family and community, cuts too many lives short, and steals away the time that families should be able to spend together and enjoy.

Together, we will develop and deliver breakthrough medicines and treatments. We prioritise maintaining a deep understanding of the needs and perspectives of patients and their families and involve them directly in our decision-making to guarantee that everything we do is relevant to the people it matters to – families affected by prostate cancer.

Our world-class scientists are dedicated to creating brand new prostate cancer treatments with the potential to reduce the side effects, dramatically cut the cost of treatment and ultimately to change the outcome. If we act now to support the science which can transform research, we will transform the lives of families affected by prostate cancer.

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