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At the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF), we want everyone in the UK to benefit from great journalism that speaks to them, for them and with them. As the first charity in the UK to promote public interest journalism, we believe that our mission is urgent and important. At a time when dramatic changes in the media have led to audience distrust and disengagement, we provide funding, leadership development and networking opportunities for high-quality independent news providers across the UK. Communities depend on independent news media for reliable information that builds a sense of belonging and empowerment. But this kind of journalism costs money. So, we are working to attract new sources of funding into this sector.


We are a small, dedicated team with big ambitions. We work remotely from home or in co-working spaces with monthly away days in London or Bristol – and potentially other locations. We all contribute to PINF’s strategy, and we support and stretch each other to do our best work. We are committed to building a diverse team who can bring their life experience into this role. Therefore, we actively encourage applications from Black, Asian or minoritised groups, LGBTQI+ people and people with disabilities.


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