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The Ranger Cadets is a new independent not for profit uniformed youth development organisation that is being set up to work with young people aged 13 to 25 years old across England in a new cadet organisation, providing new opportunities and experiences, such as life and social skills, team work, community engagement, training, fun, community spirit and personal development at weekly unit cadet meet ups which will take place one night per week normally held between 7pm and 9pm in which young people (Cadets) will take part in fun, challenging and rewarding activities, they also will get to complete missions and challenges in order to earn and receive badges for their uniform, gain accreditations in a wide range of topics and feel a sense of belonging and achievement. We aim to ensure young people are “Prepared for Life” and all the challenges that they may face as an adult.

As well as attending weekly unit cadet meet ups, Cadets will get involved within the community at weekends attending and supporting public community events as well as attending camps, residentials, trips and other youth development activities.

We are a non-political and non-religious youth organisation that is open and welcoming to everyone regardless of their background. Our overall aim is to prepare our next generation of young people preparing them for their adult lives and give them the tools and skills to live independently and successfully.

We are seeking VOLUNTEERS who can assist us in the creation and in the set up and launch of Ranger Cadets our new uniformed cadet programme in England. We are especially interested in people with experience in uniformed organisations and youth organisations, but all experiences and interests welcome.

Help us make a difference to young people’s lives but also to our community and our country.

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter, telling us how you would like to help out and what availability you have and then we will be in touch.

Thank you for your time.


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