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Relief International is a nonprofit organization that partners with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities to relieve poverty, ensure well-being and advance dignity. Relief International responds to natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies and chronic poverty. Relief International is a non-sectarian and non-political. We work in 20 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

Our programs address four specific areas: Education, Health, Economic Opportunity and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene). Experts and veteran practitioners guide each of the program teams while local community members guide implementation.

We are especially focus on: - People living in underserved, remote or dangerous places - Refugees, internally displaced persons, and those afflicted by natural or man-made disasters such as war and conflict - Women and girls, especially those in need of primary education and health services - Small-scale entrepreneurs, farmers and rural dwellers in need of training and well-developed links to markets 

What sets Relief International apart from other non-governmental organizations is the dedication to fragile, high-risk environments and the signature approach to problem solving. Called the RI Way, this approach builds four elements into every project: local participation, integrated services, partnerships with helpful organizations, and the core civic skills of transparency, accountability and deliberation. The RI Way enables communities to find, design and implement the solutions that work for them now and for generations to come.

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