About Reset Communities and Refugees

Reset is the charity leading the Community Sponsorship movement throughout the UK.  We're working to help communities and groups resettle refugees in their neighbourhoods.  We also run the Neighbours for Newcomers programme, seeing people come together to welcome refugees who are arriving to work in the UK through skilled worker visas. 

Our mission is to see as many people as possible welcoming refugee families into their communities.

We work with lots of different organisations and communities all over the country to perform our work, from churches to mosques, from local authorities to universities, and from businesses to schools.

Why our work matters 

We are in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation. More than 68.5 million people have been forced from their homes.

What makes communities welcoming refugees so special is that it creates bonds between refugees and the local people living in the host community – people just like you. These bonds change the lives of the refugees at the same time as they transform our communities for the better. Refugees will have a community supporting them to find accommodation, learn English, make friends, and access job opportunities, while communities will discover the power of coming together and putting the values of compassion, tolerance and empowerment into practice. 

At Reset, we’ve seen communities transformed by the new friendships and skills that are created when you welcome refugees.  

Working for us 

We're a small team, and we all work from our homes in the UK.  We get together as a team regularly, both online and in person and we truly value the passion and experience in our team.  We offer 28 days of holiday, a contribution to your work from home expenses and opportunities for training and shadowing others in the team.  

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