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At Restored, we want to see the church take the lead in ending violence against women, starting with domestic abuse

Throughout history, the church has been a catalyst for change, a voice for the marginalised and hope for the oppressed. We believe that the church is the hope of the world and should be on the front line of the fight against injustice, wherever it is found. Restored works to equip the church to end domestic abuse and bring hope to survivors.

  • We provide resources and training to equip churches to respond appropriately and effectively to domestic abuse.
  • We provide resources for Christian survivors of domestic abuse and host the only Christian survivor´s network. 
  • We also provide resources for men, through our First Man Standing campaign, in an effort to engage them in ending violence against women.
  • We also join forces together with other organizations to advocate for changes in legislation and policy that would bring an end of violence against women. 

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