About Reuben's Retreat

Reuben’s Retreat is a charity that was born in memory of Reuben Michael Graham who tragically passed away aged 23 months.

Our goal is to provide a retreat in the North West of England countryside that will relieve the distress of families and their close friends who have suffered the bereavement of a child or have a child suffering from a life limiting or life threatening illness.

We already provide support and counselling for Mums, Dads and siblings of a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening illness and for those who have lost their precious child, brother or sister.

Since 2012 we have purchased our Retreat and raised sufficient funds to start to tackle the renovation project a phase at a time.  Despite our forever home not being fully operational and usable, we have still supported hundreds of families.

Each passing month takes us steps closer to our final vision.  Behind the scenes, our tiny team and army of volunteers work incredibly hard to raise awareness of our cause, fundraise, design, build, support and realise our incredible multi million pound 10 phase renovation works.

We are very proud of our historic building and all the history that it brings us.  Reuben’s Retreat will be a flagship facility for us all to be very proud of and will be the best it can possibly be for our families that find us. Please do all that you can to support our magnificent project.


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