About Rhythms of Life

Hello everyone and welcome to Rhythms of Life!

We are a secular charity which operates in Central London.

Our main aim is to provide healthy and nutritious meals, as well as toiletries, clothing and sleeping bags to London’s homeless. Moreover, we also offer to our beneficiaries literacy as well as I.T. and life skills classes. That is because we firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance to rebuild their lives.

Every night, 365 days of the year, our amazing volunteers pave London’s streets trying to do their best to reach those in need. In addition to (the above listed) services, we also strive to provide a friendly ear whenever needed. This attitude allows us to keep adjusting our services to the real needs of the homeless.

Rhythms of Life was founded in 2008 by Andrew Faris. A former rough-sleeper himself, he strongly felt not only that his fellow friends needed some help, but also, and most importantly, that this help could have been much more effective if provided by someone who deeply understood their daily struggles and needs.

As a result of Andrew’s perseverance and commitment, and with the invaluable help of our partners and volunteers, Rhythms of Life has been able to nourish London’s rough-sleepers every day of the year over the last nine years.

The food that we provide is donated to us by our charity partners, who include Whole Foods, Eat,  and M&S, and we strive to promote sustainability not only by collecting surplus food but also by cooking from scratch whenever possible in order to avoid food waste.

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