About Saffron

By providing specialist trauma counselling and psychotherapy in a safe and dedicated environment, Saffron exists to help women in Sheffield recover from the impact of abuse and trauma on their mental health and wellbeing.

The women we support have often experienced several episodes of trauma over many years, and need time to build trust with their therapist and to safely process what has happened to them so that they can rebuild their lives.

We aim to work with every client at the pace which is right for them and our clients tell us that this approach makes all the difference in enabling them to deal with underlying traumas which have often gone unaddressed for years or decades.

We are the only free service in Sheffield which offers up to a year of support for those clients with the most complex and severe trauma symptoms.

We work with women who are experiencing trauma due to:

  • Childhood sexual abuse or exploitation

  • Adult sexual abuse and adult sexual exploitation

  • Domestic abuse and domestic violence in childhood or adulthood

  • Neglect

  • Torture and trafficking

  • Being a witness or victim of a crime or an accident

  • “County lines” or the exploitation of children and vulnerable people to aid illegal drugs distribution

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