About SheRose


Our mission is to advance the rights of girls. We use education as a vessel for empowering girls/women and emancipating them from gender inequality. We strive to create a platform where girls/women can voice their opinions and challenge the social structures that prevent them from excelling.


To see communities where girls and women are not subjected to child marriages or gender-based discrimination; but are valued, empowered and afforded equal rights in all areas of their lives. 

Our values:

  • Community  

  • Responsive 

  • Transparent 

  • Partnership  

  • Unstoppable

We believe in the power of education. 1 in 2 girls in Malawi are forced into child marriages before their 18th birthday, to men much older than them. They are forced to leave school and take care of their families. This perpetuates education barriers and sexual inequality. Above all else it continues the cycle of poverty. Our primary aim is to eradicate child marriages, and this is done by:

  • empowering girls through education by providing assistance to those coming from poor backgrounds.
  • supporting girls to fight against poverty and other causes of child marriages.
  • emancipating girls from gender discrimination and gender restrictions; encouraging them to have dreams and ambitions (beyond marriage), and provide a platform where they can achieve and fulfil these dreams.

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