About Shiva Foundation

Shiva Foundation is a corporate foundation that aims to tackle and prevent human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK by facilitating a more collaborative and systemic approach to making change.

What we do:

1. Business: 

We can harness the power and influence of the hotel industry to create an anti-trafficking movement that has the resources and capacity to really fight against human trafficking.

  • Working with Shiva Hotels to implement the Stop Slavery Blueprint across its properties
  • Coordinating the Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network
  • Shortlisted for the Stop Slavery Award

2. Community:

Education and empowerment play a key role in driving social change. By supporting local communities and civil society organisations, we can build a comprehensive response to prevent human trafficking.

  • Ran a multi-agency conference backed by the Prime Minister
  • Coordinating the Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership
  • Presented a unanimous anti-slavery motion in Hertsmere Council

3. Individual:

By providing platforms to bring together different perspectives and expertise, we equip stakeholders with the wider collective knowledge to be more effective and strategic in their work.

  • Founded the Women for Change network
  • Ran a successful 18-month breakfast series
  • Organising anti-slavery events for different professionals and businesses

How we do it:

We draw on the expertise, experience and networks of our leadership to drive change across the sectors we work in. We believe that collaboration and partnerships with businesses, governments, local communities and civil society organisations are key to creating systemic change. By bringing different sectors together to share experiences, best practices, ideas , we can catalyse the creation of solutions to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery more effectively.

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