About Small Charities Coalition

The Small Charities Coalition exists to make life easier for small charities.

Founded in 2008, we currently have over 9,000 UK-wide members and have made it our mission to provide them with relevant support and make their voices heard.

There are 168,000 registered charities in the UK and countless micro charities that don't qualify to register. 97% of these have less than £1million annual income, sharing less than 20% of the money that goes to the charity sector.

These are our members.

In our communities, on our streets, up and down the country- small charities are doing incredible work, often with little recognition. We won't let their work go unseen.

The Small Charities Coalition also provides a network where small charities can belong, share knowledge and support one another.

When Patrick Fox, Founder of the Small Charities Coalition, reached out to the Tudor Trust to support his vision for the organisation, he wrote “Each small charity has the ability, the skills and the knowledge to help and support each other […] that is what charity is about, real change, by helping and supporting on another.”

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Services we provide:

  • Mentoring to develop expertise and improve confidence.
  • Access to information and resources.
  • Collaboration with other organisations to broker free or affordable training.
  • An email and telephone helpline service.
  • Facilitating trustee recruitment opportunities.
  • Providing a voice to champion small charities at a national level.

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