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The Social Interest Group (SIG) is a leading UK based charity, providing bespoke person centred social and health care solutions. Utilising strength-based models of working, we specialise in rehabilitation and supporting people who have complex needs, empowering them to achieve their full potential. We deliver social and health care services through our subsidiary charities SIG PenroseSIG Equinox and SIG Investments.

Our sole aim is to be a vehicle to develop and strengthen the charities that are within it, so they in turn thrive and do social good.

We can offer charities that provide services for vulnerable people with the tools and support they need to run effectively and to help them to thrive and grow.

We have looked to the most successful charities and organisations in the sector to consider how they use technology, processes and people and built upon these practices to deliver a unique way of working together.

SIG wants the charitable sector to grow and thrive and believes that working together we can reduce duplication of effort and target resources towards the services themselves helping charities fulfil their articles of association and achieve their charitable aims.

If you are the Chair or CEO of a charity, social enterprise or voluntary organisation, contact us today to start a conversation about working together. Our structure and governance model at the Social Interest Group offers our members and partners greater resilience in competitive times. Our model ensures you retain your identity and unique services. We offer strong back office services, which can reduce your organisational risks and save you money.

Commissioners of health and social care services, service users and government officials – we welcome conversations with you about how our model improves efficiencies and outcomes for health and social care services.

Read more about the benefits of working together and get in touch to discuss health and social care partnerships with the Social Interest Group.

The founder members of the Social Interest Group are Penrose Options and Equinox Care.

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