About Sonnet Advisory & Impact CIC

We believe that every organisation that cares about its impact should be able to benefit from expert advice and guidance.

Traditional consulting approaches don’t work well for everyone though. A strategy designed to optimise commercial success can’t easily be adapted to suit a charity working in pursuit of societal wellbeing or reduced inequalities. A standard merger process doesn’t focus on the social outcomes of the transaction.

We created Sonnet Advisory and Impact in order to change that landscape. We exist to provide specialist impact-focussed advisory and consultancy to socially-minded clients. We are proud of what we do, and believe in sharing our insights widely, so that others in the advisory market will understand how to support clients like ours in addressing the issues that matter to them.

Our mission in our day-to-day work is to help organisations achieve the impact they desire and contribute towards a thriving society through their successes. We seek to help them to achieve policy and practice change that will bring wider societal and environmental benefit as well as enhancing their own delivery.

We can act as a sounding board, as consultants and advisors, or as collaborators – sharing in the development of solutions. We can manage the whole process or ‘chip in’ where we’re most useful. However we work, we keep our clients involved at every stage so they can both lead and learn.

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