About Sophie Hayes Foundation

The Sophie Hayes Foundation was founded in 2011 by a survivor of trafficking named Sophie Hayes.

Sophie, captured her journey in the book "Trafficked" at which point the mission to EMPOWERING SURVIVORS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING TO BUILD HOPE FILLED FUTURES AND PATHWAYS TO INDEPENDENCE was born.


We work to enable survivors to build independent, purposeful lives after through the organisations 3 mission pillars:

SURVIVOR SUPPORT:  The Day 46 Programme based on confidence and employability workshops. 1:1 employability coaching and access to college education and volunteer placements, with long term community and leadership development for survivors of trafficking

RESEARCH: We provide credible research on topics related to human trafficking by getting behind opportunities to challenge and influence policy change for the benefit of survivors of trafficking.

AWARENESS:  We build awareness of modern day slavery and trafficking, helping the public, our supporters and communities to know how they can play their part and lend a voice to the global issue.

We help survivors tell their story if they choose to, in any way they feel comfortable, as a platform to creating awareness and instigate change globally regarding human trafficking.

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