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The Sophie Hayes Foundation was founded in 2011 by a survivor of trafficking named Sophie Hayes.As a British girl she was trafficked from the UK to Italy by a close friend for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

"I was fooled and deceived by a man who said that he loved me. For people like him my life meant nothing, I was a product and a vehicle to make money, but I am a survivor. My story breaks stereotypes and preconceptions to show a startling reality: this could happen to anyone! Sophie could be your sister, your daughter, your friend, your neighbour. Sophie could be you!"


The Sophie Hayes Foundation looks forward – renewing confidence, purpose
and employability.Taking best practice in coaching, facilitation and training, we support women survivors of trafficking in a bespoke and creative way through group workshops, one to one coaching, vocational voluntary & work placements, access to training, and formal education.

We help each woman to:

  • Walk away from fear and become independent members of society
  • Become employable with new skills and experiences
  • Gain practical knowledge from writing CVs, to interview skills and digital training
  • Build their confidence through coaching and career planning
  • Access new opportunities for studying, internships, volunteering and work placements
  • The Sophie Hayes Foundation support network of survivors and community events

Join us today and help support each woman to sustainable freedom through employability.

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