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St Helena exists for the patients, families and carers we serve in north east Essex and the colne valley area of mid-Essex as well as for those who will need our support in the future. We help local people with an incurable illness to live well and die with dignity and choice.

Hospice and palliative care is about ‘care not cure’ and supporting the ‘whole’ person; not only does this focus on patients' medical care and physical symptoms but also their emotional and spiritual needs and also the needs of their loved ones. Hospice care can be provided to people from the point of their diagnosis with an incurable illness, it doesn’t just have to be for those who are nearing the end of their lives.

St Helena is not just about medical care; it’s about caring for the whole person and the people in their lives. We hope that the information on these web pages will help you to understand more about the support and services that are available and how you or your family and friends might be able to benefit from them. You will notice that the support we offer is not just for our patients, everyone at St Helena Hospice appreciates that family, carers or friends may need help too. 

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