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Welcome to St Philip's Centre

Thank you for your interest in the St Philip's Centre. 

At St Philip's Centre, we believe that, even in a divided world, it is possible for people of difference to live well together and the St Philip's Centre is all about learning to do that.  We nurture respectful and resilient individuals and communities and support leadership, especially in the Church and other faith communities, to enrich public life.

Our work is not simply within the Christian community but across wider society in a range of different spheres of life, enabling communities and individuals to encounter, understand, trust and co-operate with each other.

All the work that the St Philip's Centre undertakes must support the central aim of living well together and moreover meet at least two, and preferably three or four, of the criteria outlined. 

The Centre's Activities

The St Philip's Centre is a resourcing, not a representative, organisation.  We do not work in isolation but in relationship with a wide variety of groups and professional bodies.  Our partnerships are always established for a purpose, to meet shared objectives, mutually enhance delivery of services and further the common good.  

We have three main areas of focus:

  • First, the delivery of experience-based education and training
  • Second, resourcing and equipping those at the grassroots
  • Third, developing and supporting those within positions of influence at all levels, especially but not exclusively within the Church and other faith communities.

We engage in a wide variety of activities.

The educational visits of various types for schools and further education colleges are a key aspect of our work. These include both visits by faith practitioners to schools and colleges as well as visits to places of worship.

St Philip's Centre is also involved with training public sector workers in faith awareness that is specific to their role and work.  We work closely with different organisations including the police, armed forces and clinical commissioning groups.

St Philip's Centre also employs Leicester's Prevent Co-ordinator and has been part of the delivery of the Near Neighbours grants programme that is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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